How To Figure Out How Much Metal Roofing You Need?

The demand on metal covering is growing day by day. The reasons are different: fire safety, longevity of the covering, nice aesthetic view, wide choice of colors and styles. Besides, the price-quality ratio is rather attractive. If you`ve chosen metal roofing to repair your home, but don`t know how to count the quantity of panels, our guide should definitely help you. The easiest and most reliable method of calculation is to ask professionals. Turn to Siding Toronto and they will settle the quantity of metal panes for your house.

Roof pitch

When choosing the covering, metal roofs get one more plus due to the possibility of their usage on the buildings with very low roof angle. Unfortunately, metal roofs cannot be applied on flat roof construction. It won`t be able to perform its projected capabilities. Depending on the type of panels (classic 5-rib, standing seam, corrugated panels) roof pitch may start from 1⁄4:12. There is no limit to the maximum roof angle for metal roofing systems. Turn to

Panel Length

Usually the size of the panels differs according to the company, which produces them. Typically, the length of metal roofing pane varies from 8, 10 or 12 feet to 24 feet long. Their standard length usually matches the standard roof framing timber. To reduce the wastage of the materials, you can order custom cut to length panels. The contractor will be able to trim the length of panel in the process of working.

Panel Width

Our friend locksmith Burnaby says, that the set wideness of metal panes varies relying on kind of the material. The width of panes of corrugated metal roofing is measured not taking into consideration the valleys and peaks. Corrugated panes are usually produced in 24, 26, 36 and 39 inches widths but some suppliers offer them even of 46 inches wide. As for the classic rib panels, they come in 36-inch width. The standing seam panels are obtainable in 12 or 16-inch widths.

Length and Width

To know the exact quantity of panels, you have to find out the square-footage of your roof. For this aim, you have to calculate its width and length. All methods you can use for measurement may be found here. When you learn the length and width of the covering, just multiply them to get the area of the roof. The last step is to choose the style and size of the roofing panels and divide the square-footage of the roof by the area of a panel. This way you`ll find out the quantity of the material.

We hope our guide will be useful for you. Anyway, it`s always best to turn to professionals. Another topic is asphalt shingles. Read more here:

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